Tulum and Akumal Development Plan: PDU

Published: 21st July 2009
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With an executive urban development plan (PDU), a city, any city such as Tulum and Akumal are guided by regulations allowing the communty to grow in an orderly manner. The urban development plan also provides Mexico real estate investors an opportunity to project the future growth and potential investment options. Tulum is in an interesting phase of it´s projected growth process. The Tulum Real Estate market is at a point very similar to the phase that Playa del Carmen real estate market was 15 years ago. Many people may have witnessed the amazing population growth that occurred in Cancun 35 years ago, and again the boom that occurred in Rivera Maya. I often hear people claim "I should have bought that piece of property a couple of years ago when I first saw it". But then, something occurred in the past five years that people did not think would repeat, another population boom but this time in Playa del Carmen. A growth that was even stronger than witnessed in Cancun and has been recorded as the fastest growing community in all of Latin America. Today, 40 minutes further south from Playa del Carmen, many of the locals from Cancun and Playa del Carmen have been acquiring properties in Tulum. They are guessing the cycle will continue.

With the new Tulum urban development plan, Mexico real estate investors are reviewing the development properties that can produce potentially high investment yield rates or invest into Tulum lots that can appreciate in a short term. Tulum has a very high probability that its real estate market will behave quite similarly to what occurred in Cancun, and what occurred in Playa del Carmen. Opportunity is knocking and visionaries can reap the rewards. Buying the right pieces and in the correct location requires a few ingredients such as clear Title, density, zoning, knowing about these factors will determine what can be built and what options are available for the exit plan. A very important reason to get top professional real estate advise and assistance.

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